Noene insoles

Noene is a special shock absorbent base. It can be covered either with polifoam or microfiber. It is recommended for heavier people or when chock absorption does matter.

The base of the orthotic insoles is noene and the covering can be either foam or leather but foam is the material normally used. NOENE is a vibration absorbent, flexible material made of crystalline microcells. It effectively absorbs shocks, almost entirely eliminating the harmful energy reflected back into the body when the feet in shoes make contact with the ground. It is an innovative material which belongs to the rubber family, but exhibits several special characteristics of its own. NOENE orthotics ensure that walking and running is comfortable and enjoyable, making the negative force of striking the ground almost unnoticeable. They are 2 mm thick and recommended for sportsmen and women.

As producing both eco-leather and noene is very expensive, with these two types there is no possibility of adjusting the orthotics.

Naturally, the 6-month guarantee applies to cases involving the quality of the material.