Runner insole


This is a purpose build orthotic on a polifoam base for runners. Under the microfiber cover it contains a special poron shock absorbent layer. Furthermore special elastic pads are used. The shoes are needed for order because the correction given by them must be taken in to consideration (natural shoes are preferred).

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Nyugodt szívvel tudom nektek ajánlani, ha esetleg bizonytalanok vagytok talpbetét kérdésben, és lábfej problémákkal küzdötök ti is. Nekem eddig bevált, és ez már csak pozitív dolgot jelenthet a jövőre nézve is.

Podiart Kft’s specialists believe that the individual computer-based sole examination and the custom-made orthotic insoles produced based on it are useful for everybody, but are particularly important for sportsmen and women. Most types of sport place an extreme and unusual burden on the feet. On top of this, many people who do sport have individual static foot problems, which can be made worse by their chosen discipline. Exploiting their long years of experiences and expertise, our company’s specialists have developed adaptations of individual orthotic insoles designed for specific sports with the involvement of orthopaedists, and sportsmen and women. When making orthotics for sporting activities both the theory and practice of the insole design and the use of material differ from the usual procedure targeting people with ordinary burdens on their feet. The development of sport orthotics was made possible thanks to the latest biomechanical knowledge and state-of-the-art basic materials. The experts working on the project are in constant contact with sportsmen and women testing the insoles and use their feedback to further improve the orthotics to enable sportsmen to achieve ever better results without pain and injury.

The runner insole uses viscoelastic polyurethane to absorb the immense forces certain areas of the sole is subjected to while running. Another feature of this modern material is that it channels back the absorbed forces to the feet at a later phase to give extra spring, thus aiding running. Stabilising the heels reduces the risk of injury, while the silver-ion moisture-absorbent cover reduces unpleasantness due to the natural perspiration of the feet to the minimum.

The orthotic insoles have the minimal thickness necessary. They can usually be put into the running shoe after removing the original insoles. It is important to start using the orthotic insoles gradually as mild discomfort may be experienced in the joints of the feet in the first few days as the orthotics begin to work. For this reason the insoles should be worn for short periods at first, increasing the period of time by an hour each day or training session.

It is best to remove the insole from the shoe after use and wipe its surface with water and a little detergent, then let it dry. Should wearing the insole cause any complaint, please contact our customer service. For sportsmen and women whose feet are exposed to heavy burdens, the sole examination should be repeated and the orthotics replaced every half year.